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Welcome to the website of Balmoral Premium Cigars. Here, a journey through the fascinating world of tobacco starts. You will be informed about the crafty creation of cigars, and you will get a great picture of the Balmoral brand. Here, you will learn all there is to know about tobacco, rolling and bunching, the etiquette, and of course the beautiful range of Balmoral cigars.

Balmoral was founded in 1895, and led by a renowned Dutch cigar manufacturer, the brand developed into one of the best-known cigar brands. With both the shortfillers and the handmade longfillers in the Dominican Republic, Balmoral brings an extensive range of high quality cigars onto the market. For a broad audience of connoisseurs and fans.

Our handmade Royal Selection, the passionate Dominican selection, and the established Sumatra Selection. They all contribute to a collection of cigars that is created out of the best tobaccos in the world, each in their own way. Carefully balanced combinations of authentic blends. Craftsmanship that, through the ages, has been refined by a selected group of craftsmen.

Solid knowledge of tobaccos and developments are at the foundation of the high quality that allows Balmoral to be proud of being an internationally leading manufacturer of quality cigars.

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